• Advice From the LIfeQuake Doctor


    Dear Dr. Toni:

    I have been a psychotherapist for twenty years and am in burnout. I like the contribution I make to my patients but am starting to get bored with sitting in an office all day working one on one.  Although I have been a recovering alcoholic for fifteen years, I am finding myself spending a lot of time on Facebook and Youtube. They are starting to talk about social media addictions in the addiction field and I just wondered if you thought there was a link between my boredom and my new “hobby”.

    Your thoughts?


    Dear Jenny:

    I think there is a big link between your career burnout and after work activities. In my LifeQuake model, I discuss that the first stage of change is often accompanied by boredom. Boredom is a transition emotion on the emotional tone scale. If you address it by going into inquiry and observation as to what interests you now rather than focusing on what doesn’t, you can begin to discover clues to your next vocation.

    Since becoming a licensed psychotherapist, I have had several careers that are off shoots to my profession. I became a professional speaker and workshop leader first.  Then I became a talk show host. Then I taught psychology courses at a private college. Then I studied Jungian astrology, which I still use to assist me in working with my clients. Then I wrote a self - help book called The LifeQuake Phenomenon. Then I became an organizational consultant to treatment facilities teaching them change management tools, then I became an advice columnist, and now I am a guest expert to media outlets on helping the world thrive in the midst of economic and climactic upheaval.

    None of these required more schooling or licensing. It does require, in the words of Joseph Campbell, “following your bliss.” I chose to pay attention to what was pulling me in a certain direction and then explored it to see if I felt inspired to create something there. The key is to spend time every day in meditation and contemplation and ask to be shown a message or synchronicity. If you are open, to use the words of Joseph Campbell again, “a door will open that would not open for anyone else.”