Are you bored, depressed, or scared about your current life circumstances? Are you afraid that if you make a change, you will lose something critical? Do you feel stuck and confused about what to do to about this?

I want to share with you what makes me unique in my ability to help you through big transitions.
I am a licensed psychotherapist, divorce recovery, business/career coach, and have a unique system for helping you determine timing of when to take action, most advantageously.

When I coach you, we are looking at clearly defining your goals and creating a tangible plan for achieving them. However, the psychotherapist part of me also has a myriad of tools for dealing with ways you might be unconsciously sabotaging yourself. When you consider that about 95% of our real feelings and desires are unconscious, it may not work to take the typical linear approach that most coaches use to help you move on and create the life you deserve.

When you think about it, your life has probably never been a straight line to the goal. They key is to discover how to get your personal destiny to unfold and move toward the results that truly represent your heart’s desire.
I have a system, published book, and an ancillary CD for helping you with that discovery and an assessment tool that helps us to create your customized, unique roadmap together with a step by step plan of what to do and when to do it.

Although I do see some clients in person who are local in Marin County, I also work by phone and Skype with clients all over California as well as nationally and internationally.

So give me a call now and together we can create the life you were meant to have next!

To your best life yet,